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 Pastor Mark A. Branker 

Pastor Mark Branker, originally from Trinidad, West Indies, migrated to the United States in August 1990.  He pursued a college education, earning a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.  Pastor Mark later branched off into building construction.

In December of 1998, Pastor Mark committed his life to the Lord Jesus at a New Year's Eve service at the Tabernacle of Praise.  Within a few weeks, Pastor Mark began to embrace the call of God on his life.  In his own words, on his very first Sunday at church he said, "Pastor, we don't plan to be average Christians." Having embraced the gift of the Holy Spirit, he continued to exemplify a strong witness as a disciple of Jesus Christ and gave evidence that God's hand was upon him for leadership.  Within a year of being saved, Pastor Mark received a strong apostolic mandate from the mouth of Bishop Carl Alexander.  Four years later, in October 2003, he was officially ordained as a pastor and served as an Elder and Youth Pastor in Tabernacle of Praise. 

In 2004, Pastor Mark was planted in South Florida, following the Lord's direction to Bishop Alexander to establish a ministry to bring the word of the kingdom to this region.  Pastor Mark and his lovely wife, Tricia and their two children Marcia and Marcus currently reside in the city of Weston, Florida, where he serves as an appointed pastor of Tabernacle of Praise South Florida.

Pastor Mark is a profound speaker and example of the believer.  Anyone who hears him will be convinced of his eminent greatness in the Kingdom of God.  In the words of his father, the Bishop Carl C. Alexander, "This is my beloved son. Hear ye him."

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